Discovery Centre is located 10 km east of the town of Jinja, where the River Nile leaves Lake Victoria to make its 6700 km journey to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Discovery Centre site is over 20 acres in size; since it was acquired in 1997 it has been steadily developed, including the planting of many trees, transforming it from the rough scrub and bush land it was to the beautiful place it is today,

Discovery Centre overlooks Lake Victoria and visitors frequently comment on the beauty and tranquility of the site.


The Education Centre has an upper conference room that can seat 100 people, an internet suite and a ground floor resource area.
The main accommodation building has an extensive verandah running along its length where guests can relax in their down time.
  Education Centre's conference room      
Education Centre's resource area
  Media Centre with its recording studio and video production unit      
Control room in the recording studio
  Challenge Course       Staff House  
  Wooded area, great for contemplation & prayer       Crops growing on the farm  
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Discovery Centre - "a place of blessing"