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Over the years strong links have been forged between schools in Uganda and the U.K. through Discovery Centre - to find out more or to get involved in these exciting developments please e-mail: enquiries@discoverycentreuganda.org


Sixth-form Enrichment Opportunities

The "flagship" event of these activities in the secondary sector is the JIYM (Jinja International Youth Meeting). This conference has been held at Discovery Centre since 2007, drawing staff and sixth-form students from both the U.K. and Uganda. Currently there are three conferences held each year. Topics such as globalisation, equality and social justice are discussed. As well as the formal times, there are lots of opportunities for the students to interact, have fun and visit local places of interest. It is a very rich experience for all concerned and many delegates say it is one of the best experiences they have ever had.

Links through the Internet
Song Composition and Performance

In the primary sector the focus is on computer skills and creative arts. Discovery Centre is able to offer computer skill training to local primary schools using its computer suite in the Education Centre (see "Facilities"). This facility enables international links between schools.

Discovery Centre has partnered with the U.K. based "Notivate" charity, which provides educational and therapeutic music programmes. It is well established in the U.K. and is now growing in Uganda. The recording studio at Discovery Centre has greatly enhanced this initiative. (see "Facilities")


The Creative Hub Uganda - Hamlet

Following on from the Creative Hub workshop held at Discovery Centre with colleagues from Uganda and the UK, a very exciting development has occurred - the "Hamlet Initiative".

A group of twelve primary schools in the Northampton area (NPAT) have linked together in order to create a production based on Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet'. Links have been formed by this group to the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The Ugandan primary schools involved took some of the themes of Hamlet as depicted by traditional Ugandan stories. (Such as Gipiiri and Labongo). These stories were dramatised by the Ugandan students and the performances videoed. The videos produced were shown as part of the producton held at the Derngate Theatre, Northampton. Further collaborative work is being planned.

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